The important people at Chelsea stopped communicating with me – Frank Lampard

Photo: Getty Images

Frank Lampard was appointed Chelsea manager back in July 2019.

In his first year, Lampard guided a young Chelsea squad to finish in the top four and reached the final of the FA Cup.

The Chelsea legend however lasted 18 months at the job, and was sacked midway into his second season as Chelsea manager.

Reflecting on what went wrong for him at Chelsea, Lampard told the High Performance podcast that the powers that be at the club stopped communicating with him when things started going bad, which also affected his confidence, as he no longer had the club’s backing.

“At the end of my time at Chelsea, I lost communication with important people above me that I should have tried to keep more,” he said.

‘That was one of my reflections on it, because then that void becomes an issue. It certainly wasn’t just my fault, because I think that should be a two-way responsibility because you need to feel support.

“Like you’re saying, how do you get that long-term vision? Well, you’d better be supported back when it is a bit tough because that’s the reality of football.”

Lampard pointed out that trust is very important in the job, claiming that it helped the likes of Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola during their struggling days.

Lampard added: “Let’s not forget those early stages of Liverpool there were some tough moments. Jurgen Klopp’s first year, or Pep Guardiola’s… nothing’s perfect. They work through these (moments), and they have trust.

“Sometimes the trust comes from their previous work. I suppose at Chelsea I didn’t have a body of work to go: ‘I’ve done this’, so I suppose that didn’t work for me in that sense.”