Sterling responds to abuse he received from Chelsea fans

Raheem Sterling played for Manchester City for seven years before joining Chelsea.

Games between City and Chelsea have been quite intense over the past decade, and Sterling has been on the receiving end from fans in one of those games.

Sterling was playing for Manchester City when targeted by a group of supporters during a Premier League match in December 2018.

Three and half years on, the 27-year-old has signed up for Chelsea, and for Sterling, he has since moved on from that incident.

“I saw a short thing about it yesterday (Wednesday), that was the first time I remembered it,” the 27-year-old said.

“It wasn’t something that played on my mind at all. I can’t let an incident from individuals change my perception of the club.”

Sterling had other options after deciding to leave Manchester City.

According to Sterling, a move to Chelsea suited his goals more.

He added: “For my family, it makes a lot of sense and with the direction, the club is going in.

“If you look at Chelsea in the last couple of years, I think it’s four of five finals they’ve been in, it’s a team that is competing and is only going to get better.”