Lampard reveals his biggest regret as Chelsea manager

Frank Lampard
Photo: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Frank Lampard will forever be a Chelsea legend, and Chelsea fans will always have big respect for the former midfielder who went on to become the club’s highest scorer.

Lampard, 44, would later go on to manage the club he really loves, but was sacked after 18 months.

The 44-year-old guided Chelsea to a top four finish in his first season in charge of the club.

Lampard was axed midway through the second season at Chelsea.  He had seen a fast start that saw Chelsea at second in the league, but the Blues would later drop to 9th by December after a series of bad result all within a month.

According to Lampard, he lost the support of the Chelsea board, and his biggest regret was not trusting himself in that period.

Lampard said: “One of the biggest regrets I have is the last period at Chelsea where we were second in the league and came into a short run of defeats which saw me lose my job in the space of a month.

“From second in the table to ninth, and, I think, four defeats in the league and you’re gone.

“But in that period I was striving to solve 100 problems, and as I came away I went: ‘Don’t get in that position again, Frank.’ You’ve got to trust in yourself in those moments.

Despite how it ended for him, Lampard admits that he enjoyed his overall time in charge of Chelsea, though he didn’t enjoy the final weeks before he was sacked.

When asked if he was still happy in his job at the end, Lampard said: “No, I wasn’t enjoying it in the last few weeks. And that happened really quickly. I really enjoyed my time working as a whole with reflection.”

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