Jamie Carragher slams Todd Boehly for going for Cucurella

Photo: Eddie Keogh/Getty Images

Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher has slammed Chelsea owner for his transfer approach this summer.

Chelsea have gone in for different targets this summer, and the Blues are now set to announce a deal for Marc Cucurella.

Carragher has claimed Chelsea have no direction in the transfer market, and are only out to sign other club’s targets.

According to Jamie Carragher, Chelsea shouldn’t be hijacking Manchester City’s move for Marc Cucurella when the club already has Ben Chilwell.

“I think the way most football clubs are run now, it’s a lot more organised, a lot more sort of, you know, who you want, it’s not sort of these panic things that used to happen in the past and people just go buy and you’d look at it,” he said on The Overlap, in partnership with Sky Bet.

“I look at a couple of things Chelsea do and I’m just thinking, is it a panic because you haven’t bought someone and you’ve got to get someone?

“You bought Ben Chilwell for £50m and then you’re trying to get another left back, like you didn’t want them a month ago, you want them now.”

7 Comments on "Jamie Carragher slams Todd Boehly for going for Cucurella"

  1. Jamie Carragher talks cheap, says he couldn’t hire Marc Cucurella because he has Ben Chiwel where he was targeted by City and he forgot that City has Ake

  2. Yes but there must have visions.
    We have

  3. Jamie is rather selfish in his talks over Chelsea’s décision to buy Marc . He’s so baised in his approach. Not man enough

  4. Jamie’s argument sounds like that of a person with no idea about football, but he does. So he has personal issues with Chelsea coz even a mere football fan would understand the need for a good leftback since Chillwell is yet to recover and rediscover his potential fully, hence the need for Cucu. Alonso is moving away and more importantly, Cucu can play more than one position. So Jamie is just being dramatic

  5. Cheap talk,how many defenders do man city have? Liverpool strikers? damn a Fool

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