Ben Foster gives his predictions for next season. Liverpool fans won’t like this

Watford goalkeeper Ben Foster has given his predictions for the upcoming season.

Foster is backing Manchester City to win the league, and he believes Chelsea would be the closest rival to City.

Foster however believes Liverpool will finish behind Chelsea, as the Reds may have lost steam following the sale of Sadio Mane to Bayern Munich.

Despite Chelsea’s 4-0 defeat to Arsenal in pre-season, Foster doesn’t think the Gunners will finish in the top four.

Foster has predicted a top four finish for Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham.

He told The Cycling GK YouTube channel: “Looking at last season, if you’re going to sign Romelu Lukaku you have to play to his strengths and work around him.

“Chelsea aren’t really that team and didn’t do that. When he came out of the team he lost a bit of confidence and it’s not hard to see why because he’s not really a Thomas Tuchel-type player. But I think he will do well at Inter Milan, like he did before.

“This season, I’m putting Chelsea second.”