Raheem Sterling: This is what excites me about Chelsea

Raheem Sterling
Photo: Getty Images

Raheem Sterling comes to Chelsea with a wealth of experience.

The 27-year-old won four Premier League titles, five League Cups and one FA Cup, with the Champions League the only trophy that has so far eluded him.

Sterling was part of the City squad that lost to Chelsea in the Champions League final in 2021.

Sterling has admitted he’s excited about the winning mentality in the club.

Sterling said in an interview with the official club website: “What excites me about coming to Chelsea is seeing the last two years you guys have been in four or five finals.

“The progress of winning the Champions League and now looking to challenge for the Premier League.

“It’s something that intrigued me when I was having a conversation with the club. The chat with the manager wasn’t the longest but you can see how genuine he was and how much he wanted me here.

“That made me certain this is the place I want to be.

“The club has already got that winning mentality but it is about doing that every single year and winning more and more trophies and building on previous seasons.

“That’s what top managers like Thomas do. It is not one year win and the next is rest. It is again and again.

“Seeing the direction these guys are going, it is something that I really bought into and it’s somewhere I can really come into my own.”