The beautiful thing about Raheem Sterling signing – Christian Pulisic

Raheem Sterling
Photo: Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Chelsea have intense competition for places in the attacking area, and the club has added Raheem Sterling to the list.

Christian Pulisic at one time complained about a lack of opportunities last season, and even sparked rumours of a transfer exit.

With Kai Havertz, Mason Mount and Timo Werner competing with Pulisic, Raheem Sterling has now been added to the list.

For Christian Pulisic, the signing of Raheem Sterling will help the team despite the competition.

“Great quality, we’re really excited about it,” Pulisic told ESPN about Sterling joining Chelsea.

“The beautiful thing about being at a club like this is the competition every single day. We all thrive competing with each other in training and getting to play with each other is just another great addition to the team.

“It doesn’t change a whole lot [for me], I’m still going to have to play hard and earn my position, just like I did before, nothing crazy has changed.

“This is Chelsea, this is what you signed up for, this is the kind of club it is with the calibre of players that we have.”