John Terry, Mason Mount and Reece James react to Raheem Sterling signing

Raheem Sterling
Photo: Chelsea FC via Getty Images

Raheem Sterling is the first signing of the Todd Boehly era.

A lot of work has been put in, as Chelsea have secured the signing of the 27-year-old from Manchester City.

Chelsea legend John Terry has revealed he’s impressed by the signing of Raheem Sterling.

“Welcome to Chelsea FC Sterling. What a signing this is… Good Luck Mate,” John Terry wrote on Twitter.

Mason Mount also hailed the signing of Raheem Sterling:

“He’s someone that I’ve got to know more and more over the last few years. The way he is as a person and the way he is on the pitch, he’s someone who demands the highest level from himself and the players around him.

“He’s been a leader and captain a few times when I’ve played so he’s someone that I’ve definitely learned a lot from, being that close to him.”

Reece James who’s also team-mates with Sterling in the national team had positive words to say about Sterling.

He said: “He can be quiet and he can be loud as well but he’s great to be around and a top guy off the pitch. He will bring good energy.

“On the pitch I don’t really need to talk too much about what he does. He’s been at the top of the Premier League for the past 10 years and he’s won a number of titles so hopefully he can help bring some special moments to us as well.”

Reece James added: “It’s a very exciting signing. He’s not a player that has no experience or hasn’t won any trophies.

“He’s scored a number of goals and a number of assists so at the end of the day he’s won trophies in one of the biggest leagues in football.”