World-best right-back admits he wants to stay at Chelsea

Reece James
Photo: Robin Jones/Getty Images

Chelsea right-back Reece James has been hailed as one of the best in the Premier League, and the 22-year-old has seen his game improve over the years.

James has been targeted by Real Madrid, and the young fullback is one of the lowest earners at the club.

James has thrashed recent speculations about him as he insists that he wants to remain at the club.

Contract talks are set to be in top gear for James, who has become one of the key figures in the Chelsea team.

Asked if he was likely to remain at Chelsea, he told the BBC: “I’d like to think so.

“I grew up as a Chelsea fan and I made my name playing for Chelsea the club I’ve always supported. I don’t see why that would change I play for Chelsea now and I’m enjoying it.”

James was part of 2021 Champions League winning squad, and he has admitted his team has the quality to win the league next season.

Asked if the Chelsea team can compete with the likes of Man City and Liverpool ahead of next season, James said: “It’s an exciting time.

“Not much changes from the players or the management point of view. Our aim is still the same to win every competition we’re in and win every game.

“For sure last season we had a lot injuries. Myself and a lot of other players had long spells out. Around Christmas time we were top of the table and injuries affected us a lot.

“This season if our team can stay fit and healthy there’s no reason we can’t be in and around it again.”