‘The price always goes up when it’s Chelsea’ – Ex-Liverpool star says

Photo: Henry Browne/Getty Images

Chelsea are yet to make a signing to the senior team under Todd Boehly’s era. 

The Blues have been linked with a number of transfer targets, but none of the deals have materialised so far.

Former Liverpool defender Steve Nicol has reacted to Chelsea’s links with Inter Milan defender Alessandro Bastoni.

Steve Nicol believes that the Blues are still unsettled with the new owners in terms of transfer budget and targets.

According to Steve Nicol, the value of a player usually goes up once Chelsea comes into the picture. 

Speaking about Chelsea and Bastoni situation, Nicol told ESPN:

“Yes, everybody will try to bump the price up (when the Blues come knocking for their players because of the club’s new ownership).

“But it’s tough to figure out who Chelsea are going to sign. The players that seemingly are available seem to be on their way. I am talking about people like Bastoni, who looks like he is going to Spurs.”

He added: “I don’t think it’s anything to do with teams trying to be cute because they have new owners. 

“I just don’t think Chelsea have got their house in order as far as targets and spending amounts. There are so many things that aren’t settled at Chelsea.”