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Photo: Matthew Ashton/AMA/Getty Images

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte shocked Chelsea fans during the 2-1 loss to Manchester United by withdrawing Eden Hazard and keeping Alvaro Morata for 90 minutes despite Morata’s poor display.

Conte suggested after the game that he took Hazard off because he wasn’t working hard enough for the team.

Asked if Hazard’s withdrawal was due to injury, Conte responded: “It was a tactical decision.

“We have to keep the same performance for 90 minutes, and we didn’t have a great balance.

“Every single player has to work with the ball and without the ball.”

Conte then suggested Hazard was suffering from fatigue when pressed further.

“No I think he had finished his energy,” Conte added.

“In the first half he ran a lot, second in the same way but when I see that a player is tired you have to change the situation.”

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  1. Comte is poor when it comes to making subs that should improve the game play Hazard being on the pitch is a threat to most teams

  2. conte is responsible for the defeat of chelsea, that reason for hazard substitution is not accepted. please conte has to give way for another manager.

  3. Conte your sub’s are very poorly how do remove hazard and leave morata in the game on the other hand Victor Moses and Drinkwater had a good game but you take them out ,that was pool

  4. Infact,islike d coach and players didn’t know how much dey wound and give us injury,we Chelsea fans. So sorry 2 say,Conte as lower and lack knowledge of sub. Y removing Hazard,d hey man Wen d stupid so called striker,was nowhere 2 be found. Moreso,alot needed 2 be dealt with Moses,Alonso,and Rudiger. Dis people are also killing us too. D useless sub he did,didn’t even have a single accurate pass,just running like bolt on d field. Pls,leave Hazard,Kanye and William alone,let dem play Thier wing! D match u’ve won already,u now kill it wit Ur stupid sub.

  5. Conte had a playera in Morata who was falling at every touch Of the ball, zero input, yet was not substituted. He got this substitution wrong. Morata has just cost Conté his job. Learn when to cut tour losses conté, Morata is a lost cause.

  6. A team is not about a player once he is tired and he could not conserve energy again them remove him, for me the reason is tenable.

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